Message Board with SMS Text Message Notification

The Message Board program allows a visitor to sign up as a Message Board member. As a Message Board member, you have access to a full range of tasks, including the creation of your own message board to which you can post messages for your friends to read. When you create a board, you create a member password for it, and it is this member password that you provide to your friends so they can access your messages. You can also join a board owned by someone else, if they have given you its member password.

If you initially sign up and supply a SMS phone number, you will receive text message notification of any messages posted to a board that you have joined. You can later remove the SMS number if you wish to stop receiving text message notification every time someone posts a message to a board you have joined. Currently, text messaging is only activated for your primary board (the first board you join). You are allowed to join up to three message boards, but you may only be the owner of one message board. If you try to enter a password during the initial sign-up, or when trying to create a new message board, and that password is used by another member, you will receive an error.

You may experiment with the Message Board program available at the link below. A board is currently set up with the following passwords. When you reach the login page, enter the user name and user password. When you wish to join a board or to check the messages on a board, use the member password. And finally, if you want to post a message to "The Socker Fan Welcome Message Board", use its owner password.

User Name: my guest
User Password: 123456
The Socker Fan Welcome Message Board member password: spitfire
The Socker Fan Welcome Message Board owner password: bigBoss
Although as the owner of a message board, you should never provide the owner password to anyone, the owner password of the sample message board is provided here to allow you to post messages without creating your own message board which requires the entry of at least some personnal information.

On the technical side: The Message Board project was first started to take advantage of a free MySQL database that was provided when we acquired server space on Database programming had been something we had played with a couple of years earlier, and really had no reason to spend much more time on it since. This project provided the opportunity to review skills involving the creation and normalization of a small database, porting of SQL code between a Pointbase database used in the Sun One development environment and the MySQL database used the server, as well as JSP and Servlet Java technologies. Sun's JavaMail API is used to provide email notification of the owner password that is part of the message board creation process. Creation and coding of the various components required about 3 weeks of spare time, and basic testing another week.

Access to messages and message posting is also avaialable from a Mobile Phone via The Socker Fan Mobile Website at for those visitors who have use a mobile web browser. It has been tested on Seimen's SL45 and a Nokia 7110 emulator as well as a Treo 90 PDA. Since the Message Board program is only in beta form at this time, the error messages are less than "user friendly". Any error messasges you receive are logged and evaluated so that we have the opportunity to fix the bugs that may show up under normal usage. If you choose to use the Message Board, please email us with any suggestions or comments.

The Socker Fan is a website for S. East PA Girls Soccer. is the development site for software developed by The Socker Fan webmaster. For those interested in testing The Socker Fan Message Board, here is a link to The Socker Fan Message Board Main Menu. You must have "cookies" enabled to use this program.

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