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Screenshots and Operation Basics

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Version 1.1 contains several powerful programs in one download and makes My CSV to XML Converter an indespensible XML processing suite!

The My CSV to XML Converter main user interface shown below is simple and intuitive to use.

Conversions to XML are made based on a configuration file that you create. It takes only seconds to define a configuration file for simple XML conversions using the Quick Configuration Tool. Even complex conversions, with multiple child elements and attributes, are made easier with the Expert Configuration Tool. Tool tip text for each configuration item provide helpful hints to make the configuration file right the first time, and the built-in error checking code works behind the scenes to assure your configuration files produce the desired results. Both Quick and Expert Configuration Tools are shown below.

The My CSV to XML Converter program handles data files separated by commas, spaces, tabs, colons, or pipes. It supports namespace declarations as part of the element names specified during the configuration process.

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