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Resources Needed

1. Go to the Purchase Info page and click on the Purchase or Trial button to download the trial version. The trial version is limited to reading only about twenty lines of an CSV file (simply exit, and restart the program for another 20 lines!), and is also limited in the number of times you can start the program on your computer. But, you can get a good idea of its functionality.

2. Unzip Utility: My CSV to XML Converter is made available as a "zip" file. This simply means that multiple program files have been processed to form just a single file. Once downloaded, this single file must be "unzipped" to place all the individual program files on your hard drive. To do this, you must use one of the common Unzip facilities. These can be found at any of the following links: WinZip, StuffIt, Unzip Wizard, Cam Unzip.

3. Java version 1.4 or higher must be installed on your system to allow the My CSV to XML Converter program to function. If you are unfamiliar with Java, you will find that it is not difficult to download and install. The free download is available from Oracle at Installation instructions are available at the download site, and if you are installing Java on a Windows machine, can also be read here.

Getting Started with My CSV to XML Converter

1. Create a directory on your hard drive named csv2    in the root of your hard drive (usually the C:\ drive).
1. Download the zipped program files into this directory.
2. Unzip the files into the   csv2   directory you have just created. When you are finished, the   C:\csv2   directory should contain several other folders. If it only contains only one folder that is also named   csv2   see the support page for instructions.
3. If Java 1.4 or higher is installed on your computer, continue with the steps below. Otherwise, visit our Support page for help with this free installation.

Starting The Converter Programs

1. Start the My CSV to XML Converter program by double-clicking the csv-xml-converter.bat file. This file will be located in the   C:\csv2\setup   directory. If the program does not start within a few seconds, see the support page for help modifying the csv-xml-converter.bat file.
2. Otherwise, follow the tutorials available in the HELP menu and you will be making data conversions in minutes.
3. The Auto Timer can be started by double-clicking the csv-xml-timer.bat file, found in the setup directory.

NOTE: See the   installation.txt   file in the   setup   directory for more thorough installation instructions in the file named installation.txt.

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