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XML is a popular data format for transferring information between computers, and for storing information in a form that can be manipulated by software programs for the purpose of presentation or functionality. Oracle offers a simple one page tutorial entitled Generating XML Data that provides a good background on simple XML files. IBM provides a very good introduction to XML at Introduction to XML.

It would be very tedious to manually create an XML file because it is necessary to identify each piece of data by using a "tag" similar to an HTML tag. To make matters worse, the world is full of important data stored in non-XML format, and conversion of this data to XML would be very labor intensive. One common non-XML format for simple data files is comma-separated-values (CSV). In fact, most spreadsheet programs (like Microsoft's Excel) allow you to save your work as a CSV file. There are plenty of online tutorials like this one at FreeReg that explain how to save an Excel or Access file as a CSV file. To learn more about CSV files, click here.

My CSV to XML Converter is a data conversion program written in Java that runs on Windows computers with a Java runtime installed (Oracle's Java runtime is available at Oracle's Java website, Java SE Runtime Environment 7 Downloads). The My CSV to XML Converter program has been tested with Java 1.4, Java 1.5, and Java 1.6 in the Windows environment and can convert CSV files into XML format quickly. Unlike other common conversion programs, you can designate the fields of data in your CSV file to be either an element or attribute and have multiple levels of parent-child relationships. The My CSV to XML Converter program will also work with tab, space, and pipe separated data files. The result of your conversions can be viewed in a simple text editor or your favorite XML compatible browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). The converter interface is simple and easy to use. Your data files do not need to be modified in any way.

An Auto-Timer program is a recent addition to the purchased version of the My CSV to XML Converter program. The Auto-Timer allows you to perform repeated conversions at regular intervals. This can be helpful in cases where the CSV file data is changing regularly and users of the XML data must get the most recent information when they view the converted data. Also included in the purchase version, is an HTML Table Parser. Websites with properly formed HTML TABLE tags can be converted to CSV format automatically with this new tool, and then you can convert them to XML.

But My CSV to XML Convertor does more than just convert CSV files to XML. The purchased version of My CSV to XML Converter comes with an SQL Query Tool to access database information and allows you to save the results in CSV format for conversion to XML format later.

These tools combine to make My CSV to XML Converter suite of programs a powerful XML tool at a very affordable price. Here is a list of the tools provided with the purchased version.

Setup on a computer with a properly installed Java environment is as simple as unzipping the program and double-clicking on a batch file. There are simple step-by-step tutorials to follow and sample files to guide you through your first conversions. Pop-up hints and built-in error checking when making your conversion instructions improves your productivity.

My CSV to XML Converter is being distributed under shareware licensing. Support is available via email at and from our Support link above. General questions regarding our company or our software can be addressed to Click here to email us.

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