WML Mobile Internet Blog

Internet Blogs have become a popular way to communicate. A Blog is a term that is short for Webblog and is a website that allows you to quickly post short pieces of text that visitors can read. Generally, you sign up for an account and select a username which is posted to the Blog as part of each post you make.

Recently, I decided to see if I could whip up a simple Blog for a Mobile website. Before running out for coffee at Dunkin' Donuts, I was able to put together a WML page to collect user input in the form of a name and message for upload to a Blog. The Blog is a Java Servlet designed to accept the user's input and return a list of Blog messages in reverse chronological order.

The Servlet simply stores these messages in a java.util.Vector. The most recent message is inserted in the first Vector element. After storing the most recent message, a call is made to the Vector's toString method and the resonse is provided in WML format for the user.

This means that when ever a entry is made to the Blog, the user is provided a list of all Blog entries in a WML page on his or her Mobile handset or PDA. Two links are provided with this reponse page, one to allow the user to refresh the Blog to recieve more recent entries from other users and another to send the user to the Blog input page.

Currently, the Blog is active on The Socker Fan Mobile website at http://www.sockerfan.com/tsf.wml. The messages will only be saved for 24 hours. There is no signup page, and the user is responsible for his or her posts. Remember, no one is anonymous on the web!

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