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HTTP Tunneling

An Alternative to SOAP and AJAX

HTTP Tunneling is a method of communication using the HTTP transport architecture. It bypasses the full
protocol requirements and provides communication via the underlying streams of bytes.

HTTP Tunneling with Java objects provides a bypass to the normal Firewall security as the communication between
client and server occurs on the standard HTTP port number 80 and piggy-backs onto the HTTP communication protocol.

Although not a substitue for SOAP or AJAX, HTTP Tunneling between a Java server and a Java client Applet or JSP page can
provide a simple and sometimes more efficient transmission of data. Both SOAP and AJAX use the more verbose XML
format for communication which ties up valuable Internet resources. Each requires the processing on the client-side of XML information.

Presented on this page is a simple Java Applet designed to communicate with a remote Java server which stores address
information. This address information is available to the client Applet when the Get Address Info button is pressed
as long as the information is available for the name entered in the top, left-most text field.

You can try it by entering a reference name (Dave, Rick, Jim, Bob all have address information stored remotely in our
test application) and clicking the Get Address Info button.

You can also save new information by filling out all the text fields and clicking on the Save Address Info button.